January 12, 2018



We recently launched our One-click WhatsApp Technology (1WAT) on the site, aimed at improving your, our esteemed users and clients’ experience with TINUDA. Now you can talk with us and place your service requests in your own terms by a single click from here, anytime and anywhere. This option is applicable and available to over 1 Billion people across the world or you can go ahead with our other provided option for seamless service requests on TINUDA, express yourself fast and easy by simply entering the required details in spaces below. Examples have been automatically placed there to guide you, please delete or modify these automatic examples as appropriate to suit your request.


Express Yourself: most flexible system anywhere




Visit our ShowRoom for past works and samples that may be useful in making your own order or service request. In a case of urgency and yet to attend to your request, please use contact details provided below by direct call or messaging.