achieve anything with wordpress

WordPress is world's most popular and arguably most powerful web development software, powering 35% of the entire websites in the world (thats is over 75,000,000 webistes) and we have contributed to rewriting the extent at which the value and abilities of this powerful CMS technology is being viewed in the world, with over 5years of building experience. Have you seen us writing lines of complex codes right inside WordPress to achieve exactly anything we want? Well you should. Get complete control over the design of your Website in no time. To keep it simple. We are WordPress genius!

"What really got me was the ability to get everything we wanted with our budget and with little or no stress at all, despite the arising complications and diversity of our project..."
Ruqayyat Umar
Founder/CEO, FLO Foundation

we love code

As much as we love WordPress and some other valuable CMSs, code is just as dear to our hearts. As you want, we play and make stuff happen with various programing languages including their related scripts and frameworks: PHP, Python, HTML, CSS, Java(scripts), Laravel, Django and more…

tell us anything

We always want to hear from and listen to you. Do not hesitate to speak to us. You become like family the moment you choose us and we make sure to do our very best to grant all of your wishes just as you want it, like you have never experienced before! It is true. And you do not have to take our word for it, our clients confirm it; from individuals, to businesses, NGOs and government bodies.

We take care of everything!

The entire logistics, technical, corporate and creative input that makes up what you and the general public know and see as a brand, we help take care of it all alongside you. From your business or brand name to logo and other graphic works, domain name, hosting & server management, website/app development & management, cyber/web security, content creations & management, API integration & automations, marketing, customer relations, support & satisfaction, corporate/business advisory. We often offer these as value added services to a paid service you have requested of us which means we throw in other certain valuable services “freely” completely according to our discretion.

fall in love with our features

Flexible With Budgets

No matter your budget, we make it work. You've not got up to what you know is needed for your project? Just talk to us; we will advise you on what to do or that can be done from your end and ours to help achieve your goals with the available resources.

Wherever You Are

We offer our awesomely rare service experience to everyone of transactionable age and wherever that might be in the world.

Impressive Success Records

We have helped build, still helping to build several business and organizations that are doing quite well today, adding value to the society and looking forward to building even more.

Outstanding Support

Our support system and operations is unparalleled. Feel like family as a client. We listen, neither do we rest at making sure you are well served, happy and satisfied. We are happy only when you are.

Easy User Interface

The entirety of TINUDA and its parts have been built to be completely simple and easy to use for everyone with basic browsing skills, yet powerful.

Unique Service Delivery

We believe more in adding values so we do not mind nor find it difficult going extra mile in our service deliveries and our clients love it!...who wouldn't?

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we agree code is poetry, even more...
we create the best and most creative contents