Who We Are
Tinuda is a creative industry that allows you simpler and easier access multi-creative minds, works and services, at the same time muse you with her productions. The aim is to have at least one (creative) talent, expert, professional or seller (refered to as “Tservers“) available in your community for that your particular area of need. In simpler words, Tinuda aims to be able to serve you anywhere you are in the world! 

Now while it’s easier to attend to and satisfy your (creative) digital needs, it is crucial that a Tserver or Tservers in your area that fit(s) your exact request needing physical attention is/are available to attend to that request. Tinuda cares to satisfy not just your digital needs but also your applicable physical ones. You can safely say that Tinuda is “just your creative industry”, a global community of creative minds and sellers.


Requesting a service & hiring
It is easy as ABC. Simply open the service request area, trademarked “Tserve”, and punch in the lines of your request and required details to help hasten transaction. Then, just in a matter of few minutes or maximum of 24hours, according to the nature of request, you will be contacted with the delivery of your request (or if there is need to contact you for more information before delivery); and once you agree with the delivery and satisfied, your actual bill would be forwarded to you and there, your job gets done! You will not be issued your actual bill or have to pay a dime until you consent and approve of the actual service to be carried out for you. We care deeply about your safety, the reason we ensure a safe and secure transaction, always.
If you wish to hire, we provide you with samples/past works of the Tserver we recommend for your service request while you make your choice. The same option goes for all service requests. After all, you can upload an image file of what you want already. Does it get any easier ?…
Even better, whatever the case, we are here for you 24/7, speak with real people in real time. Use our various contact options, WhatsApp inclusive. There is nothing to worry about, because we are creativity and we wish to stay with you everywhere you go!


Shopping (currently unavailable)
Buy unique and creative products on Tinuda and simply pay using secure available options. You will be contacted for shipping details immediately we receive your order. Shipping is not enabled nor calculated with total cost of shopping on Tinuda “ShopWell”, the unique Tinuda shop as trademarked. Your ordered product will not be shipped until you confirm the order and shipping details sent to you. 7-day money back guarantee is available and this may vary according to the kind of product(s). Shop unique, Shop easy, Shop safe.


Tinuda Productions/ShowRoom
We aim to give the world the very best stuff, born by true creativity of certain wonderful minds, in the arts, entertainments and technology especially. We want to see talents grow and skills swir. That is why Tinuda is said to have been built for everyone. We want you to grow with us. The Tinuda ShowRoom currently serves as the streaming engine or place for our productions, what set of amazing people working with Tinuda have done. The Tinuda “ShowRoom” as trademarked may connect to social media; video and some other productions would be accessible normally through our social media channels. The reason you should hurry and join us on all our social media channels now. You can explore the Tinuda ShowRoom and channels anytime, enjoy and get entertained, free of charge! We would love to make you marvel, and of course, be entertained.

Get Inspired! Discover.