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Start a refreshing career, contribution to or relation with TINUDA. We can only get better from here. Such exiquisite minds who work with TINUDA share her vision, goals and values; they are never relenting at achieving them because it is theirs too. Make those dreams come true while you make a Difference.


Tinuda is all about doing what you love, just that in a larger community. And that is just perfect!

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Available Jobs!


 Full Stack Developer

Experience in the following areas is a big plus:

  • UI/UX Design
  • Server Administration
  • Cyber Security
  • Blockchain


Graphics Designer

Experience in the following areas is a big plus:

  • Motion Graphics/Animation
  • Branding
  • Video Ads
  • UI/UX Design


Communications Officer

Exceptional talent or Experience in the following areas is a must:

  • Digital Marketing
  • Management & Growth of Social Media  Accounts
  • Relations/Customer Service
  • Speaking & Writing
  • Preparing offcial documents


General Requirements:

  • Must be tech savvy
  • Must be corporate minded
  • Must be extremely Creative
  • Must be a problem solver
  • Must be team player


Fill the above form or send your application to [email protected] or 08130962580.


Featured Executive Positions

We are currently looking for the best of minds to lead the industry through the next years, in:


Management & Strategy


Marketing & Communications


Note: The only actual requirement and qualification for any of the above positions is based on experience or the ability to present cogent, impressive and workable ideas in the area.

Become a Tinuda seller or creative contractor (Tserver)
Truly, Tinuda is built for everyone, whoever and wherever you may be, join our creative community; for free, to do what you love doing on a whole new level in your locality and if you want, beyond. Working with Tinuda is fun. Get serious with what you do, have fun and make good living while at it. Join the community free. Now you know, take the step!


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